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TCA Abu Dhabi is aspiring through its Music Programme to revive the incredibly rich dialogue that music has always engaged not only inside the Muslim world, but also between Islam and other cultures or religions. TCA Abu Dhabi is therefore focusing, through its Abu Dhabi Classics Programme, on bringing to the Emirate some of the main artists in the field of Arabic and Western classical music, aiming at the same time to display how borderlines between the so called “Western”, “Arabic” and “Local” classical music have become porous. At the same time, TCA Abu Dhabi is offering an extended programme dedicated to regional heritage music thus proposing a unique musical panorama for all listeners.


This panorama is designed to show how globalisation can be understood, not only as an economical process, but also as a framework of intensive cultural interactions. After the 2014-2015 Music Programme was placed under the theme of the traveller and the Rihla, as homage to the very spirit of Abu Dhabi, the 2015-2016 Season will be looking closer into the cultural heritage of the Emirate and its affinity to poetry. As the paramount art form of the expression of the transitory and at the same time of the idea of an all-encompassing artistic creation, poetry has been and still is a central trait of the Emirate’s cultural scene and a place, where music and words merge naturally. Thus, the theme of the 2015-2016 Season will be the relations, associations and mutual impregnations of the spoken poetical word and the music it carries.


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